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Beautiful Earth ~ Mexico: Cenotes of The Yucatan

The natural wonders of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico are countless, but some of the most unique to the area are the cenotes. Cenotes are created by an underground river system and are fresh water sink holes that the Maya considered to be sacred. In addition they were an incredibly important resource as a fresh water source, and the Mayans also believed they were the entrance to the underworld.


Everybody loves the underground.

~~ Dirty Hands~~


Gippsland Lake, Australia. Bioluminesence

The light is created by a chemical reaction called bioluminescence, which happens when a naturally-occuring micro-organism in the water is disturbed.

The Succulent Rooiklip Nursery Adventure

On my recent road trip holiday up the East Coast of South Africa I had the joy and pleasure of visiting the Rooiklip succulent, Cycad and Clivias nursery in Swellendam.

Being an Aloe and succulent nut, it was heaven to see so many healthy and beautiful succulents, with many of the Aloes in bloom. Rooiklip also specialises in Aloe hybrids, which due to their hybrid vigour, flower more abundantly and often for longer periods, above various flowering aloe hybrids can been seen.


With such an amazing selection to choose from it soon became a bit overwhelming.

But with rare and endangered aloes on my list of plants to get, I held myself back from buying everything and bought some great new aloes to join the rest of the succulent family on my balcony, as seen below.

The Rooiklip Nursery is a definite visit for garden enthusiasts and plant lovers. The owner of the nursery was away unfortunately at an Aloe conference which, essentially means I have to go back! It will be great to chat to such a knowledgeable source of succulent secrets.

Happy Digging ~~ Dirty Hands
Jamie Garner