Winter Veggies in my Garden ~ Nom nom nom

Here in the Western Cape of South Africa we are lucky not have frost in winter in most parts. It is therefore easy to have a variety of vegetable growing through winter. Heres whats going at the moment.

Broccoli, my second cut, the heads are growing well, I think im gona steam them when done 🙂

Bright lights spinach, this has been growing for a couple of seasons and is very hardy and produces loads of spinach.

My peas, this is my first time growing peas, pretty excited to see the outcome.

Cauliflower in the vertical minigarden, just waiting fo it to open 🙂

Onions in my vertical garden, with little onion seedlings coming up on the top.

Loads of baby spinach and baby lettuce, for freshest salads!

Leeks which will be used for soup.

Broad beans growing up! They have started to show flowers so im looking forward to beans soon 🙂

Beetroot in the vertical garden, and then harvested. I think im gona pickle it 🙂

Well that’s whats happening in the garden now. I have just got my seed potatoes so that will be happening soon too, very excited!

Happy digging!

~Dirty Hands~